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Quality Austria’s FSC Accreditation Suspended

2 June 2016 · Accreditation Services International (ASI) has suspended certification body Quality Austria from issuing FSC chain of custody (CoC) certificates worldwide. The decision took effect on 29 May 2016.
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Limitations of LCAs can be addressed with FSC certification

24 May 2016 · Recent research conducted by FSC International and WWF US confirms FSC certification is the best tool to ensure prevention and minimization of environmental and social impacts of paper and wood-based …
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IKEA – Creating a Sustainable World

23 May 2016 · Authored and first published by ISEAL Alliance, September 2015.IKEA chooses sustainability standards to help create a better everyday life
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FSC maintains association with BILT Graphic Paper Products Ltd subject to conditions

17 May 2016 · BONN, Germany (17 May 2016) – On 10 March 2016, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) International Board of Directors agreed to maintain association with BILT Graphic Paper Products Limited (BILT), …
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FSC and WWF Promote FSC-certified Products in China

17 May 2016 · FSC China, WWF China and the Japanese retail group Aeon recently co-hosted an event to promote sustainable consumption and FSC-certified products to consumers in …
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Social Chamber Member Needed for Chain of Custody Working Group

17 May 2016 · An FSC member from the social chamber (North or South) is needed to fill a vacant position on the working group revising the chain of custody (CoC) standard.
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FSC Re-examines the 1994 Rule for Plantations

10 May 2016 · Following the passage of Motion 12 at the 2014 General Assembly in Seville, …
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FSC Seeks to Fill Five Posts on the Policy and Standards Committee

10 May 2016 · The Policy and Standards Committee (PSC), a six-person advising committee to the FSC Board of Directors, is seeking five members to serve a three-year term starting in July 2016. Application deadline …
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Viktor Pankratov makes Russian smallholder history

9 May 2016 · April 5 2016 was a big day for Viktor Pankratov. This was when he received his FSC Forest Management and Chain of Custody certification, making history by becoming the very first Russian smallholder …
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Risk Assessments for Bulgaria, Denmark, Myanmar, Slovakia, and Viet Nam Open for Consultation

3 May 2016 · FSC International is inviting all interested stakeholders to provide their feedback on new risk assessments – for Bulgaria, Denmark, Myanmar, Slovakia and Viet Nam – between 1 and 31 May 2016.
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