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New Risk Assessments Now Available

19 December 2017 · Approved FSC risk assessments for India, Lao People´s Democratic Republic, Republic of Korea, and Ukraine are now available.
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FSC Participates in Global Landscapes Forum

19 December 2017 · The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) will be participating in the annual Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) which this year will be held in Bonn on 19-20 December 2017.
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FSC statement on EIA report about the Schweighofer Group

7 December 2017 · (Bonn, 7 December 2017) - The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is aware of a new report and video released by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) about illegal logging in the Rodna National …
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Development of a Joint Control Measures Project for Central Europe

5 December 2017 · FSC is facilitating a stakeholder-driven process to develop a universal set of voluntary FSC risk-assessment control measures for Central Europe. If you are a controlled wood stakeholder concerned …
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Controlled Wood Risk Assessment Public Consultation: 15 January 2018

5 December 2017 · All stakeholders will be invited to provide feedback on risk assessments Slovenia, Hungary, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Honduras, and Peru. Spanish language versions of the risk assessments …
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Modification of Auditing Rules for the Revised Controlled Wood Standard

28 November 2017 · FSC announces a new advice note (FSC-ADV-20-011-09) in the FSC Directive on Chain of Custody …
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FSC Italy Publishes National Forest Stewardship Standard

21 November 2017 · Italy becomes the third country to publish a national forest stewardship standard (NFSS) based on Version 5 of the
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Creating incentives for certificate holders: Ecosystem Services Procedure and Guidance open for consultation

21 November 2017 · The second draft of the Ecosystem Services Procedure and the first draft of the Guidance will be open for consultation from 24 November to 23 December 2017.
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FSC Publishes Revised Trademark Standard

20 November 2017 · The FSC International Board of Directors has approved the revised Trademark Standard FSC-STD-50-001 (V2-0) Requirements for use of the FSC trademarks by certificate holders. The …
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FSC announces the Bonn Initiative at COP23

16 November 2017 · FSC, IKEA of Sweden and SIG support the development of scientifically rigorous methodologies to quantify the climate benefits of FSC certification
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