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Side Meetings Programme Now Available

11 July 2017 · Over 40 side meetings will be organized at the 2017 FSC General Assembly. Have a look at our programme and start planning your schedule now!
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Changes to the Directive on FSC Controlled Wood

30 June 2017 · FSC announces changes to the controlled wood requirements related to timber legality legislation in the Directive on FSC Controlled Wood. You can find the directive
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Register now! FSC general assembly regular registration fee ends 31 July

30 June 2017 · The regular registration fee for the 2017 FSC General Assembly will end on 31 July. Register now to take advantage of the discount.
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Vancouver: It’s so much more than a city

28 June 2017 · Vancouver, the location for the 2017 FSC GA, is a city filled with diverse people, an even greater diversity of activities, and feasts for not only your eyes, but your taste buds too.
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FSC’s Market Share 2016

27 June 2017 · The first estimates of FSC’s presence in the forest products supply chain are now available for 2016.
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A Sustainable Community: Keeping forests and tribal culture alive

20 June 2017 · FSC’s responsible forest management approach revives degraded forests and improves the livelihoods of Indigenous Peoples in north-east India.
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Transaction verification to be introduced in bamboo supply chains

20 June 2017 · Mandatory transaction verification of the bamboo supply chain will be introduced in the second half of 2017, due to discoveries of inaccuracies.
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FSC to provide webinars on FSC Conditions Framework for Schweighofer Group roadmap process

9 June 2017 · 9 June, 2017 - The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is organizing a webinar in English and Romanian on 19 June 2017 to introduce stakeholders to the content of the consultation on the Conditions …
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69 million ha of forests worldwide currently have double FSC and PEFC certification

9 June 2017 · FSC and PEFC have agreed to jointly collect and publish data on double certification starting from the year 2016 onwards.
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FSC accepts Policy for Association Complaint filed by Mighty Earth against Korindo Group

7 June 2017 · Bonn, 7 June, 2017 - The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has formally accepted a Policy for Association (PfA) complaint submitted by Mighty Earth against Korindo Group (Korindo) for …
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