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Have a Look at Our Side Meetings Programme

15 September 2017 · Over 40 side meetings will be organized at the 2017 FSC General Assembly. Have a look at our programme and start planning your schedule now!
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A Foodie’s Guide to Vancouver

12 September 2017 · By Laura SchmitzVancouver has a lot to offer, not only as a city itself but also for those looking for a culinary experience. Vancouver is a real foodie city. To make it easier for …
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Supplying the world with garden furniture, small forest owners in Vietnam could help end deforestation

11 September 2017 · Authored and first published by WWF International. In Central Vietnam hundreds of …
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ASI releases 2017 Client Satisfaction Survey

6 September 2017 · Accreditation Services International (ASI) conducted its fifth biennial Client Satisfaction Survey in January-February 2017, seeking input from scheme owners, certification bodies (CBs) and external …
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FSC statement on the Bialowieza Forest dispute between the EU and Polish authorities

31 August 2017 · The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is closely following the situation between the European Commission and the Polish authorities regarding harvesting activities in parts of the Bialowieza Forest
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Wildlife in Vancouver

29 August 2017 · Spotting wildlife in Vancouver is actually pretty easy. Stanley Park hosts more than 500 different species for example. We have selected five species that you can easily see in the city and its …
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New Controlled Wood Risk Assessments Open for Stakeholder Consultation

29 August 2017 · All stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on risk assessments for Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Swaziland, and Turkey. The consultation will be open until 30 September …
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WE CERTIFY FORESTS BIG AND SMALL – So we understand that these forests are, in turn, managed by individuals and groups of all shapes and sizes. You may not know, for example, that nearly half of Europe’s forest land is owned by private individuals who often manage very small plots. Those forest managers – known as smallholders or small and community producers – who take care of a small area of forest can include Indigenous Peoples, communities, and family foresters, who practice low-intensity forest management.

Learning from Others: Approaches To Encouraging Smallholder Certification

23 August 2017 · At the workshop in New Delhi, India, there was an opportunity to share experiences of using stepwise approaches as …
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Working Group Established to Revise FSC Trademark Standard

22 August 2017 · FSC has established a technical working group to revise its trademark standard, FSC-STD-50-002 (V1-0): Requirements for promotional use of the FSC trademarks by non-certificate …
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Finding balance in India’s forests

22 August 2017 · Brought together by certification, forests supply high quality logs while continuing to provide a sanctuary for wildlife and the culture of Indigenous Peoples.
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