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The latest news and views from FSC, plus related forestry industry updates

Waldplus Fulfils Impact Verification for 5 Ecosystems Services

27 February 2019 · Rome, 27/02/2019 – Italy became the first country in the world to receive a Forest Stewardship Council ecosystems services (ES) verification fulfilling all five …
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FSC plays a big part in H&M's sustainability commitments

27 February 2019 · International fashion brand H&M recently committed to source man-made cellulosic fibres used in their products from sustainable sources – particularly from non-ancient and endangered forests and …
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FSC Risk Assessment for Swaziland is Now Available

27 February 2019 · Effective 27 February 2019, organizations seeking to source controlled wood from Swaziland are required to use the latest FSC …
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FSC Welcomes New EU Ecolabel Requirements

26 February 2019 · The European Commission just published new criteria for the EU Ecolabel for graphic paper, tissue paper and tissue products. These include robust requirements for the origin of the fibres used, …
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Join our webinars on FSC’s new transaction verification administration tool

26 February 2019 · FSC invites all certificate holders to join our informative webinars on our new transaction verification administration tool on 1 March and 5 March.
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Transaction Verification in Paulownia Supply Chains

19 February 2019 · Wood from the paulownia tree has been identified as posing a high risk for false FSC claims following allegations of inaccurate claims in paulownia supply chains. Consequently, FSC will introduce …
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FSC suspends 7 trademark license agreements in the Ukraine

18 February 2019 · Bonn, 18.02.2019 – The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has suspended the trademark license agreements of 7 FSC chain-of-custody certificate holders processing …
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Southern US Certificate Holders Wanted for Pilot Test

14 February 2019 · Under the banner of the New Approaches for Smallholders and Communities Certification project, FSC is looking for four certificate holders in the Southern United States, interested in participating in …
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Vote for the Elm of Navajas

14 February 2019 · Join FSC in voting for the Elm of Navajas to win the European Tree of the Year Competition. The competition, which searches for a European tree with the most interesting story.
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FSC Risk Assessment for Indonesia is Now Available

5 February 2019 · Effective 5 February 2019, organizations seeking to source controlled wood from Indonesia are required to use the latest FSC risk …
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