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The latest news and views from FSC, plus related forestry industry updates

Future is bright for FSC certification in China thanks to productive relationship with Chinese authorities

29 August 2012 · The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which has been certifying businesses in China for fourteen years, is growing rapidly and together with the SFA, CNCA, and industry associations has made …
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Public Consultation launched on FSC Advice note on Access to Information regarding Species and Origin of Timber

24 August 2012 · FSC is developing an Advice note to ensure that FSC certified products comply with legally required information regarding species and origin of timber and timber products.
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The FSC 2011 Annual Report is now available!

20 August 2012 · A special video introduction by Director General Andre de Freitas highlights some of the events that made 2011 a landmark year for FSC.
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Certification brings the market to the mountains

18 August 2012 · FSC certification of community forests helps access international markets for non-timber forest products and leads to better forest management.
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Association and certification make small forests profitable

17 August 2012 · FSC certification brings economic advantages and market access to thousands of small forest owners in Sweden.
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Making music responsibly - world’s first FSC certified woodwind goes on sale

17 August 2012 · In January 2011, the world’s first FSC certified woodwind instrument was put on sale, sourced from certified forests in Tanzania.
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Second public consultation launched on FM Certification Reports

17 August 2012 · The second draft of the Standard FSC-STD-20-007a V2-0 is submitted for a second round of public consultation, to collect stakeholder feedback on this new draft.
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Question and Answer document regarding the EU Timber Regulation

17 August 2012 · FSC has released a Question and Answer document regarding the EU Timber Regulation.
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Spanish version of the FSC Trademark standards for Certificate Holders available

15 August 2012 · FSC announces the release of the Spanish version of the “Requirements for use of the FSC trademarks by Certificate Holders”(FSC-STD-50-001).
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New Community Forest Handbook for FSC certification of small agroforests

15 August 2012 · A new handbook from The Forest Trust (TFT), ‘Sustainable Community Forest Management; A Practical Guide to FSC Group Certification for Smallholder Agroforests’ aims to help these …
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