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The latest news and views from FSC, plus related forestry industry updates

FSC-certified wood doubles its market share in Belgium between 2012 and 2016

9 October 2018 · The Belgian Federal Environment Service conducted a market survey to assess the market share of certified timber and paper products in Belgium. The results show that the proportion of FSC-certified …
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Incorporating ILO Criteria and Indicators into Chain-of-Custody Standards Begins

26 September 2018 · Stay informed on our latest milestones, key results and public consultations.
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Reminder: Submit Your Comments on Revised Trademark Use Guide by 1 October

25 September 2018 · The second public consultation on the revised FSC® Trademark Use Guide for Promotional Licence Holders ends on 1 October 2018. Please submit your comments by then through our online consultation …
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FSC’s recent certification in Indonesia gives its forests a chance to thrive

20 September 2018 · 3.2 million hectares of Indonesia’s forests are now sustainably managed
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FSC Seeks Candidates for a Technical Working Group to Revise Standard for Group Entities in Forest Management Groups

18 September 2018 · We are seeking candidates with practical experience in managing groups (especially small forest owner groups or community forests) and auditing forest management standards, for an eighteen-month …
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Group Standard Revision Begins

18 September 2018 · After 10 years of use, the Secretariat will revise FSC-STD-30-005 V1-1 FSC Standard for Group Entities in Forest Management Groups with the aim of making it more …
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Introducing FSC-PRO-30-006 FSC Ecosystem Services Procedure

18 September 2018 · Introductory webinars on the new procedure are available for forest managers, FSC-accredited certification bodies, and general stakeholders.
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FSC risk assessments for Portugal and Spain are now available

12 September 2018 · FSC risk assessments are used to determine the risk of an organization obtaining material from unacceptable wood sources when sourcing controlled wood.
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How Long Should an Audit by an FSC-Accredited Certification Body Take?

12 September 2018 · New advice for certification bodies defines the time auditors have to spend for a forest management audit.
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