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196,518,316 ha certified
36,195 CoC certificates
1,579 FM/CoC certificates

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Stakeholder Updates

FSC & Forest Management in Russia

5 June 2012 · Forests are different around the world: they have different characteristics and conservation values. In Russia, as in many countries, the age of a tree or trees is not the single factor which …
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Rainforest Alliance to carry out a pre-assessment of Veracel Celulose S/A

30 May 2012 · On 13 April 2012, the Rainforest Alliance announced the pre-assessment for forest management certification of Veracel Celulose S/A. The pre-assessment will be carried out between 28 May and 06 June …
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Protecting endangered Tigers in the Taiga

6 April 2012 · Old growth forests, identified as high conservation values through FSC certification, protect habitat for the endangered Amur tiger in the Russian Far East
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FSC welcomes European Union proposals for Rio+20

30 March 2012 · During the March negotiation meeting in New York, held in the run-up to the Rio+20 conference, the European Union presented a number of proposals which can, according to the Forest Stewardship …
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FSC comments and proposals for EU Directives on Public Procurement

21 March 2012 · On the 20th of December, 2011 the European Commission published proposals for three Directives on Public Procurement. They are to become the core of the EU legal framework, setting out both …
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FSC prepares for Rio+20

27 February 2012 · FSC was present at the start of the negotiations leading up to the Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference to be held 20-22 June 2012 and is working hard to further raise the profile of sustainable …
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New public procurement legislation being developed by the European Union

27 February 2012 · The European Commission published draft legislation last December that is intended to replace existing laws on public procurement. FSC will present proposals for improvements to the European …
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EU finalized criteria for EU Ecolabel on newsprint paper

27 February 2012 · In February 2012, after 10 years, the representatives of the EU Member States in the EU Ecolabel Board finally adopted criteria for an EU Ecolabel on newsprint paper. Criteria include …
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