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195,201,005 ha certified
33,439 CoC certificates
1,512 FM/CoC certificates

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Technical Updates

Second public consultation launched on FM Certification Reports

Friday, 17 August 2012

The second draft of the Standard FSC-STD-20-007a V2-0 is submitted for a second round of public consultation, to collect stakeholder feedback on this new draft.

FSC-STD-20-001 requires that a report on the outcome of the evaluation is brought to the client's notice by the certification body, identifying any non-conformities that have to be discharged in order to comply with all the certification requirements.
Reports on certified forest management enterprises are of particular importance. They are much more than a simple vehicle for presenting the certification decision.

The current revision of the Standard FSC-STD-20-007a, Version V2-0, follows the implementation of Policy Motion 38 from the FSC General Assembly 2008 on single-format public summary reports.This Version 2-0 of FSC-STD-20-007a combines the requirements of FSC-STD-20-007a (V1-0) and FSC-STD-20-007b (V1-0).

Public Consultation
The first draft of the Standard FSC-STD-20-007a V2-0 was already submitted for a first round of public consultation. The feedback received from stakeholders has been analyzed and incorporated to the draft standard where applicable, resulting in the second draft. The comments received, together with the PSU input, can be downloaded below.
The second draft is being now submitted for a second round of public consultation of 60 days.

To collect stakeholder opinion on the second draft of the Standard FSC-STD-20-007a V2-0 on Forest management certification reports.

Further process
FSC will collect stakeholder feedback and make revision to the draft Standard, where necessary.

Document under consultation
The second draft of the Standard FSC-STD-20-007a V2-0 will be under consultation until the 20 of October 2012. Please, use the comments template provided. Comments can be sent to Rosario Galán, Policy Officer, at r.galan@fsc.org.

All the documents can be found here.