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33,506 CoC certificates
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Technical Updates

The IGI Group will meet in Bonn next week

Friday, 28 September 2012

After the last meeting held in July, the IGI Group is gathering again next week in Bonn, Germany. The main purpose of this meeting is to work towards the agreement on a first draft of the International Generic Indicators, to be submitted for public consultation.

The FSC is currently developing a set of International Generic Indicators (IGIs), to facilitate the implementation of the revised FSC Principles and Criteria (P&C).

This set of indicators will act as a forest stewardship standard for those countries where there is currently no Regional or National Standard, in substitution of interim standards.

For the countries where there is a Regional/National Standard, the International Generic Indicators will be used for the transfer of these existing standards to the revised P&C.

The development of the International Generic Indicators is carried out by the “IGI Group”, which is made up of a sub-chamber balanced Working Group of 6 FSC members, 6 regional representatives from each FSC’s global regions and two representatives from Certification Bodies. The first meeting of the IGI Group took place last July 2012. During this meeting, the methodology to be used in the IGI process was established, and the Group could start working on a ‘Draft Zero’ of International Generic Indicators.

The next meeting of the IGI Group will take place in Bonn, Germany, from the 3rd to the 5th of October 2012. After this meeting, the first draft of the IGIs will be ready for the first formal Public Consultation Period.

For more information, please visit the IGI website.