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Technical Updates

WWF releases new guide to responsible investment, FSC endorsed as ‘most credible standard’

Friday, 12 October 2012

Cover WWF The 2050 Criteria (© WWF)© WWF
Cover WWF The 2050 Criteria
WWF new guide: Complete cover
WWF new guide: Complete cover

Focusing on commodities from three different industries (agriculture, forests and seafood) and combining scientific, industrial and financial views all at the same time, The 2050 Criteria: Guide to Responsible Investment in Agricultural, Forest, and Seafood Commodities enables the investor to discover responsible practices in ten key commodity sectors all around the world such as the cotton, sugar, bioenergy and timber, pulp and paper sectors.

For each category, the guide identifies key trends and opportunities, as well as the main features of the global market and the key performance criteria for managing environmental and social risks. The 2050 Criteria also outlines leading third-party certification and provides links to further resources and additional tools.

The section “Third-Party Certification” in “Timber, Pulp, and Paper” introduces different ways for producers and traders to get FSC-certified and highlights FSC as being “considered by independent NGOs to be the most credible mainstream timber, pulp, and paper standard” (p.59).

Click here to download the guide directly.