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Public consultation on FSC Pesticide Indicators and Thresholds launched

Monday, 3 June 2013

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FSC invites stakeholder comments on the revised draft Pesticide Indicators and Thresholds

FSC is currently publicly consulting a revised draft version of the FSC Pesticide Indicators and Thresholds.

The FSC’s list of ‘highly hazardous’ pesticides (HHP list) is part of FSC’s Chemical Pesticides Policy, which was first approved in July 2002 and subsequently revised in 2007.

The list is based upon criteria and thresholds for particular hazardous (toxicological or environmental) properties of pesticides. Selected criteria/indicators and thresholds aim at a reduction of potential risks for pesticide users and the environment (including non-target organisms).

A panel of experts consisting of chemists, toxicologists and forest scientists has been established to undertake the review and revision process.

The proposed draft version of Indicators and thresholds submitted here below is the result of their work.

Please provide your comments using the comment form (see below) and send them to Gregory Jean at g.jean@fsc.org

The deadline for submitting comments is 03 August 2013.

For overall background information please refer to the report provided below: “FSC Pesticide I&T Background information”.