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Facts & Figures

195,600,945 ha certified
36,144 CoC certificates
1,577 FM/CoC certificates

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Technical Updates

Retirement of the FSC Online Claims Platform (OCP)

16 January 2019 · FSC’s Online Claims Platform (OCP) will be retired at the end of May 2019, as part of FSC’s effort to continually focus on digital solutions that deliver the most value to our …
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FSC Retires OCP and Launches New Data Formatting Tool

16 January 2019 · As FSC continues focus on digital solutions that deliver the most value to our stakeholders, we are now announcing the Falcon tool, which will be released by the end of February 2019 and to aid …
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Falcon: New Interim Tool for Formatting of Transaction Verification Data

16 January 2019 · FSC will soon introduce Falcon, a new secure and efficient tool to assist certificate holders in formatting their transaction verification data.
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Improving Access to FSC Certification for Smallholders and Communities in Africa

15 January 2019 · Empowering African smallholders to obtain and maintain FSC certification is no easy task, but a challenge that a group of African forestry experts is determined to find a workable and practical …
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Romania Launches FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard

15 January 2019 · New Romania national forest stewardship standard effective from 15 April 2019.
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Review Report of FSC Principles and Criteria Is Now Open for Public Consultation

15 January 2019 · The report on the revision of the FSC Principles and Criteria (Version 5-2) is now available for a 50-day public consultation. The main proposal is that FSC should wait until 2023 to revise its …
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Reminder: Transaction Verification Details Must Be Submitted by 28 February for Charcoal Supply Chain

8 January 2019 · The final deadline for all certificate holders in the charcoal supply chain to submit their details for mandatory transaction verification for quarters 3 and 4 of 2018 is on 28 February 2019.
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Proposed Forestry Contractor Certification Open for Public Consultation

18 December 2018 · FSC is working alongside the Forestry Contractors International Working Group to explore new ways to develop smallholder …
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FSC China is Pilot Testing Initiatives to Increase Access to Certification for Smallholders

18 December 2018 · FSC International approved a proposal to initiate a pilot test for smallholders in China. The pilot project will test alternative approaches to conservation requirements in effect in FSC-certified …
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FSC Czech Republic Hosts Seminar for Small Forest Owners and the Wood-Processing Industry

18 December 2018 · The event brought together FSC supply and demand stakeholders to demonstrate the opportunities and benefits of FSC certification in the Czech Republic.
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