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199,991,303 ha certified
38,293 CoC certificates
1,638 FM/CoC certificates

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Technical Updates

FSC Risk Assessments for Brazil, Canada, Honduras, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Papua New Guinea Are now Available

26 June 2019 · Effective 26 June 2019, organizations seeking to source controlled wood from Brazil, Canada, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, or Papua New Guinea are required to use the latest FSC risk assessments to …
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Switzerland Launches a National Forest Stewardship Standard

18 June 2019 · FSC Switzerland has launched its National Forest Stewardship Standard.
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Wanted: Experts to Develop International Generic Indicators for the FSC Pesticides Policy

4 June 2019 · The FSC International Board of Directors has approved the development of international generic indicators (IGIs) for the use and risk management of chemical pesticides.
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Revised FSC Trademark Use Guide for Promotional Licence Holders Now Effective

3 June 2019 · The revised FSC Trademark Use Guide for Promotional Licence Holders is effective from 1 June 2019.
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Proposals for Continuous Improvement Concepts Open for Public Consultation

20 May 2019 · FSC invites all stakeholders to provide input on two proposals on continuous improvement to support smallholders and communities. Stakeholders can provide feedback on the content of the reports …
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Consultation on Risk-Based Approaches for Forest Management Certification

17 May 2019 · A public consultation on streamlining forest management certification by incorporating risk-based approaches was launched on 17 May. FSC asks stakeholders to give their feedback by 16 July 2019.
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Transaction Verification for Eucalyptus in Spain and Portugal

10 May 2019 · The accuracy of FSC purchases and sales claims made by trading partners in eucalyptus log supply chains in the Iberian Peninsula will be subject to FSC transaction verification from 1 May 2019.
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New App to Reduce the Use of Highly Toxic Pesticides Now Available

7 May 2019 · Pesticides and Alternatives: The multi-lingual tool to support pest control with less negative environmental and human impact.
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Tree sleuths are using technology to crack timber crimes

7 May 2019 · Scientists are optimistic that innovative techniques can pinpoint the true origin of timber. By Aisling Irwin, Nature Magazine
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FSC Launches Revised Pesticides Policy

2 May 2019 · The FSC International Board of Directors recently approved the revised FSC Pesticides Policy. The new version will be effective next August.
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