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Facts & Figures

196,410,948 ha certified
36,887 CoC certificates
1,605 FM/CoC certificates

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Technical Updates

New National Risk Assessment Category 1 For Spain Now Available

9 November 2017 · Effective 07 November 2017: FSC has approved controlled wood category 1 for the national risk assessment (NRA) for Spain.
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Implementation of transaction verification and fibre testing in the charcoal supply chain

7 November 2017 · Confirmation of inaccuracies in the charcoal supply chain will lead to mandatory transaction verification and fibre testing starting in quarter four of 2017
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Group Certification Consultation Results

7 November 2017 · A synopsis of all the comments received following a 30-day consultation on the draft minor revision of FSC-STD-30-005 is now available.
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How to Include High Conservation Values into National Forest Stewardship Standards

7 November 2017 · A draft guide to help standard development groups to identify, manage, and monitor high conservation values (HCVs) in their country is open for consultation from 7 November 2017 to 5 January 2018.
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 – Photo: Initiators of the FSC Group Certification Scheme Darnūs miškai, with Group Manager Jovita Urbikaitė (front), celebrating the issue of the FSC forest management and chain of custody certificate. (The stump with fungus is a cake.)

Lithuania Awarded Its First Group Certificate

7 November 2017 · ‘Darnūs miškai’ (Sustainable Forests), a group of 70 individual private forest owners, achieves FSC certification totalling 30,000 hectares of boreal forest.
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New CoC Advice Notes and Interpretations Now Available

6 October 2017 · Effective 5 October 2017: Updated chain of custody (CoC) directive and two interpretations.
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New Risk Assessments Now Available

26 September 2017 · Effective 21 September 2017: FSC-approved risk assessment categories available for Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, and Romania.
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New Controlled Wood Risk Assessments Open for Stakeholder Consultation

29 August 2017 · All stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on risk assessments for Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Swaziland, and Turkey. The consultation will be open until 30 September …
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WE CERTIFY FORESTS BIG AND SMALL – So we understand that these forests are, in turn, managed by individuals and groups of all shapes and sizes. You may not know, for example, that nearly half of Europe’s forest land is owned by private individuals who often manage very small plots. Those forest managers – known as smallholders or small and community producers – who take care of a small area of forest can include Indigenous Peoples, communities, and family foresters, who practice low-intensity forest management.

Learning from Others: Approaches To Encouraging Smallholder Certification

23 August 2017 · At the workshop in New Delhi, India, there was an opportunity to share experiences of using stepwise approaches as …
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Working Group Established to Revise FSC Trademark Standard

22 August 2017 · FSC has established a technical working group to revise its trademark standard, FSC-STD-50-002 (V1-0): Requirements for promotional use of the FSC trademarks by non-certificate …
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