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Facts & Figures

195,600,945 ha certified
36,144 CoC certificates
1,577 FM/CoC certificates

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Technical Updates

Transaction verification to be introduced in bamboo supply chains

20 June 2017 · Mandatory transaction verification of the bamboo supply chain will be introduced in the second half of 2017, due to discoveries of inaccuracies.
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Controlled Wood: New Risk Assessments Now Available

23 May 2017 · With effect 18 May 2017, FSC has approved risk assessments for Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, and Viet Nam.
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Bulgarian National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) Approved

16 May 2017 · The FSC Policy and Standards Unit (PSU) is pleased to announce the approval of an FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) in the Republic of Bulgaria: FSC-STD-BGR-01-2016 Bulgarian …
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Metropolitan France National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) Approved

15 May 2017 · The FSC Policy and Standards Unit (PSU) is pleased to announce the publication of an FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) in France: FSC-STD-FRA-01-2016 Metropolitan France – …
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The First Public Consultation on Demonstrating the Impact of Forest Stewardship on Ecosystem Services Ends Soon

10 May 2017 · We have made a procedural document for certificate holders and a discussion paper on market tools and trademark use available for feedback from stakeholders. The consultation period runs from 24 March …
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Consultation Open: Controlled Wood Strategy

9 May 2017 · In order to further develop the controlled wood strategy, FSC is holding an open consultation following the outcome of the recent Controlled Wood Global Strategy Workshop (28 February to 2 March …
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New Controlled Wood risk assessments open for stakeholder consultation

2 May 2017 · All stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on risk assessments for Argentina, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Guatemala, and Republic of Korea. The consultation will be open until 31 May …
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National Forest Stewardship Standards: A call for submissions from standard development groups

18 April 2017 · FSC is calling on standard development groups (SDGs) to help identify problems related to the normative framework for national forest stewardship standard (NFSS) development and act on them. We are …
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The second public consultation on the revised trademark standard ends in two weeks.

12 April 2017 · All stakeholders are invited to comment on the second draft of the Trademark Standard FSC-STD-50-001 – Requirements for Use of the FSC Trademarks by Certificate Holders – through our …
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FSC Board Confirms Decision on Requirements for Latest Active Ingredients added to ‘Highly Hazardous’ Pesticides List

4 April 2017 · In November 2015, the FSC International Board of Directors decided to suspend the need for derogations (temporary approvals) for the use of new active ingredients added to the FSC List of …
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