Forests, Climate Change, and the Forest Stewardship Council®

FSC regards climate change as a very serious threat to global humanity. Today, climate change is damaging ecosystems at an unprecedented rate, but these same ecosystems are also our strongest allies in mitigating future climate change.

The increased pressures on forests implied by climate policies make it even more important that these same policies incorporate the protection and sustainable management of forests. FSC is at the cutting edge of adapting sustainable forest management certification in an era of climate change. From 2015, our revised forest management standards include the maintenance, conservation, or restoration of carbon sequestration and storage. We are developing specific tools to monitor and document the carbon sequestration function of forests, amongst a range of other forest ecosystem services. This makes FSC certification not only a reliable tool for promoting sustainable forest management, but also a step towards the sustainable production of bio-energy that will help minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

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