FSC has become more and more engaged in the UN Climate Change Conferences over the years. Recent discussions around climate change have revealed that forest management is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to contribute to a global mitigation portfolio that provides synergies with adaptation and sustainable development.

FSC standards provide strong safeguards for sustaining the yield of forest products, conserving biological diversity and soils, and maintaining the ecological functions of forests. FSC forest stewardship considers the impact of management regimes on forest carbon cycles and aims at maintaining, restoring or enhancing forest carbon resources.

Since presenting our draft requirements for maintaining ecosystem services at COP 20 in Lima, we have begun developing certification requirements for a wide range of ecosystem services, including forest carbon storage, water quality and quantity, and conservation of soil and biodiversity.

Main Event Event Partners Other activities
COP 15 Copenhagen 2009 Reducing Emissions from Forest Degradation: FSC Certified Forest Management

The event focused on the potential role played by FSC in the context of REDD+. Panelists discussed the need to improve management of productive forest lands to address climate change and forest conservation
Rainforest Alliance

Consejo Nacional de areas,protegidas de Guatemala (CONAP)
COP 16 Cancún 2010 Improved forest management in the tropics to reduce carbon emissions: opportunities and challenges with forest certification

FSC underlined the positive impact of FSC certification on low-carbon logging practices. FSC forest certification was referred as crucial instrument to facilitate, monitor and reward the introduction of relevant forest management activities.
The Nature Conservancy Information booth at the CIFOR 4th Forest Day
COP 17 Durban 2011 Role and contribution of forest certification towards a low-carbon forestry, A/R and REDD+ projects”

FSC launched its Climate Change Strategy to a diverse group of stakeholders. The strategy built on the recommendations of the FSC Forest Carbon Working Group. Since then, the FSC Ecosystem Services program has been implementing this strategy.
CarbonFix Information booth at the CIFOR 5th Forest Day

Panel discussion: BWI global conference Forestry, Opportunities and Actions for Trade Unions
COP 18 Doha 2012 The importance of collaboration between 'best in class'standards to maximise impact

FSC and The Gold Standard outlined their collaboration to combine knowledge and streamline certification procedures to scale-up sustainable resource management and low carbon development.
The Gold Standard

Fairtrade International
Information booths at the CIFOR 6th Forest day and official COP 18 venue

Issue marketplace discussion at the 6th Forest Day
COP 19 Warsaw 2013 Leading trends in results-based finance for climate, environment and development’

FSC presented its new due diligence system for carbon schemes.
The Gold Standard

Fairtrade International
Information booths at the first edition of the Global Landscape Forum (GLF) and official COP 19 venue.

Technical session at GLF: Certifying ecosystem services in forestry and agriculture: Ensuring genuine monitoring, reporting and verification and social and environmental integrity at a landscape level,
COP 20 Lima 2014 Landscapes, ecosystem services, and smallholders: Putting cross-cutting concepts into practice

FSC presented draft requirements for maintaining ecosystem services. Contained in FSC’s draft International Generic Indicators, these requirements would pave the way for certification of a wide range of ecosystem services.
The Gold Standard

Fairtrade International


Fair Climate Fund

Information booths at the 2nd Global Landscape Forum and official COP 20 venue.

Cocktail Event: A Toast to celebrate 20 Years of FSC Benefits to Forests and People

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