FSC Rio+20 Special Edition - 20 June 2012

Issue 4 - 19 June 2012In this issue:

- Negotiations ended.
- Andre de Freitas: Certification has to be about impact.
- FSC involved in civil dialogues.
- FSC success in civil dialogue on economics of sustainable development.
- Forest civil dialogue concentrates on halting deforestation and forest restoration.
- Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative launched.
- FSC Rio+20, Video Highlights.

Negotiations ended

Rio+20By John Hontelez - FSC Chief Advocay Officer

Tuesday, 14.00 Rio time. This morning, the Brazilian Government presented a final text of the Rio+20 declaration without any outstanding issues. In a plenary meeting of the negotiators, the draft was adopted and will now go to the Rio+20 Conference for approval. Several delegations made comments that showed they were not happy with the final result, but all accepted that further negotiations were not possible. Read more>>

FSC® involved in civil dialogues

Sustainable Development DialoguesBetween Saturday and Tuesday last week, 10 civil dialogues took place on different subjects. These were prepared through the Internet over the last few weeks, first by collecting potential recommendations and then an online voting procedure with around 60,000 respondents.

In Rio, the dialogue sessions each attracted between 1500 and 2000 participants. The objective at each dialogue was to identify three key messages to present to the heads of state and government at the Rio+20 conference. FSC introduced two proposals: one on forest certification and one on sustainable public procurement.

FSC® success in civil dialogue on economics of sustainable development

Economics of sustainable developmentOn Sunday morning, the civil dialogue on the economics of sustainable development took place. The first recommendation, chosen through an internet vote, was to ‘phase out harmful subsidies and develop green tax schemes’. The second, selected by the people present at the dialogue via an electronic voting system was to ‘include environmental damages in the Gross National Product (GNP) and complement it with measures of social development’. Read more>>

Forest civil dialogue concentrates on halting deforestation and forest restoration

Dialogues on ForestsThe next civil dialogue was on forests. Civil society voting via the internet had championed the recommendation to ‘restore 150 million hectares of deforested and degraded lands by 2020’. This reflects a commitment already made by some governments, together with companies and organizations in the so-called ‘Bonn Challenge’ of September 2011. Panelist Julia Marton-Lefevre, director general of IUCN, presented this initiative at the civil dialogue. Read more>>

Andre de Freitas: Certification has to be about impact

FSC Director General - Andre de FreitasAndre de Freitas FSC Executive Director, took part in  the ‘Forests: the heart of a green economy’ event. As a panelist at the session on forest certification, he highlighted the importance of moving beyond process to focus on outcomes. In this respect, certification must be about impact. Read more>>

Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative launched

SPP InitiativeAs one of the many side events in Rio, the Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) Initiative was launched in UNEP’s Pavilion on 18 June. This initiative brings together a fast-growing number of environmental ministries, green public procurement institutes, UNEP (as coordinator), the African Development, and FSC. Read more>>


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20 June 2012
Athletes’ Park

FSC-ISEAL joint session, ‘How standards and certification can help achieve sustainable cities: lessons from the forestry sector’

20 June 2012, 12:30–13:30
Sala B, Rio State Pavilion, Athletes Park

The session will be hosted by the ISEAL Alliance – the global alliance for credible social and environmental standards systems. ISEAL will outline the purpose of the session and introduce a new project, funded by SECO, which focuses on the use of standards in sustainable public procurement. This will be followed by an introduction to FSC the certification and labeling scheme for timber and paper products. As part of this presentation, FSC will also highlight their sustainable cities initiative.


FSC Rio+20 Video Highlights

Andre de FreitasAndre de Freitas

Andre de Freitas,
FSC Executive Director
Certification is about impact
Click here to watch the video>>

Dr. Ruth NussbaumDr. Ruth Nussbaum

Dr. Ruth Nussbaum
Director Proforest
The importance of Public Procurement
Click here to watch the video>>

Roberto SmeraldiRoberto Smeraldi

Roberto Smeraldi
Director Amigos da Terra - Amazonia Brasilera
Certification as a tool for greening economies
Click here to watch the video>>

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