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Thursday, 21 March 2013
FSC celebrates the International Day of Forests

FSC celebrates the International Day of Forests

(Bonn, 21 March 2013) The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 21 March the International Day of Forests. Countries and organizations are coming together at the local, national and international level to organize activities involving forests. FSC is carrying out a number of activities to raise awareness on the importance of the world’s forests and trees.

The FSC Social Media Contest themed: “03.21 - What is your connection to the Forest?” encouraged the general public to share their connection to the forest using video, picture or writing. The contest has officially ended. Finalists will be announced soon and selected artworks will be voted by the FSC Facebook Community.

On the International Day of Forests, FSC Director General Kim Carstensen stresses that “Forests are around us and we all are connected to the world’s forests”.

“Today, the International Day of Forests is a day to celebrate and say thank you to the world’s forests for all that they give us. It is a day to understand and think about the connections we all have with the world’s forests,” Mr. Carstensen said.

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Watch the full video message from FSC Director General, Kim Carstensen>>

At FSC International we are celebrating the International Day of Forests!What is your connection to the Forest?

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