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Friday, 20 September 2013
Three weeks to go until FSC’s ‘In Good Company’ event. Join us!

In Good Company with FSC

‘In Good Company’ is FSC International’s annual global conference to engage with the private sector. The event brings together FSC’s key business partners, environmental and social non-governmental organizations (NGOs), FSC representatives from around the globe as well as organizations and companies that are new to FSC. Participants will gain expert perspectives on corporate social responsibility, certification, ‘green washing’, NGO collaborations, and how labeling schemes can be part of a brand.

The two-day event, which will be hosted by FSC Denmark and held in Copenhagen from 10–11 October 2013, will feature keynote speakers from leading companies and NGOs working strategically with branding through environmental and social labeling. Speakers will include representatives from Ben & Jerry’s, Greenpeace International, LEGO, The Coca-Cola Company and WWF International. All sessions will have open debates and plenty of opportunities for discussion.

Registration for the event is still open.

Visit the event website for more information and to register. A list of participants is also available on this site as well as a video from FSC Director Kim Carstensen sharing his views on the event. You will also be able to follow what’s happening at ‘In Good Company’ on the FSC IGC Twitter account.

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