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Tuesday, 19 June 2012
Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative launched


As one of the many side events in Rio, the Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) Initiative was launched in UNEP’s Pavilion on 18 June. This initiative brings together a fast-growing number of environmental ministries, green public procurement institutes, UNEP (as coordinator), the African Development Bank, and FSC.

Its goal is ‘to promote worldwide implementation of SPP through increased cooperation between key stakeholders and a better understanding of its potential benefits and impacts’. It aims to build the case for SPP by improving knowledge on its effectiveness as a tool for promoting greener economies and sustainable development, and support its implementation through collaboration and capacity building.

At the event, there were presentations about green public procurement practices in the USA, South Korea and the Netherlands. The new Brazilian policy to promote sustainable public procurement was also presented. The Brazilian practice and plans have a strong social component; this is often lacking in Northern countries, where the environmental dimension is dominant and social criteria are not prominent.

FSC regards this as an important initiative. Public procurement can boost demand for sustainably produced goods and services, and stimulate consumers to follow the example. In countries where there is no local demand yet, early movers are vulnerable if they do not have fixed lines to export markets. This initiative can help to promote sustainable public procurement in new parts of the world.
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