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Wednesday, 26 June 2013
FSC Welcomes Greenpeace Case Studies

As a member-led organization, the Forest Stewardship Council derives its strength and integrity from active engagement by a very diverse set of stakeholders. FSC’s members, organized into economic, social and environmental chambers, are expected to present their interests to FSC to ensure that FSC works to continually improve the certification system.

Greenpeace as an active member of FSC have published a number of FSC case studies to highlight what Greenpeace sees and acknowledges as FSC’s best practices and also to highlight areas where Greenpeace thinks FSC needs to improve.

FSC will look into these case studies with a view to better understanding the view of Greenpeace as well as the concerns raised. FSC will engage its broad range of stakeholders to prioritize the issues raised and identify potential improvements.

The general concerns raised by Greenpeace are taken very seriously by FSC and are already priorities for FSC and a broad range of other stakeholders, including members from the social and economic chambers. These issues of concern include protection of High Conservation Value Forests, operations in high-risk regions, Controlled Wood and Certification Body performance.

FSC is already working strategically on all of these issues as high priorities for the organization. Objectives for 2013 and 2014 include:

  • High Conservation Values (HCV): FSC plans to finalize the Common Guidance on High Conservation Values together with the HCV Resource Network. FSC will finalize the FSC Management and Monitoring Framework for HCVs and apply the HCV Framework to develop regional guidance for the Congo Basin and other priority regions through multi-stakeholder processes
  • Operations in high-risk regions: FSC will identify high-risk regions and seek to work with relevant authorities and operations in these regions in identifying and applying appropriate tools to ensure credible and robust FSC certification. FSC will develop generic guidance on FSC certification in high-risk regions based on these experiences
  • Controlled Wood: FSC is in the process of revising and strengthening the Controlled Wood requirements, especially in terms of the development of National Risk Assessments (NRAs), definition of measures to be taken by Certificate Holders for risk mitigation and requirements for sourcing from areas not covered by the NRAs
  • Certification Body (CB) performance: FSC is developing key performance indicators for sampling, reporting and complaints handling by ASI. FSC are also developing a system for due diligence evaluation for applicant certificate holders to be conducted by CBs

FSC appreciates Greenpeace’s engagement and will welcome proposed solutions for these high priority issues, especially those with support across all chambers. As FSC prepares for the next FSC General Assembly in 2014, it is vital to receive proposed solutions, since ultimately the decision about how to strategically resolve big issues like the ones raised rests with the membership.

FSC will continue a regular dialogue with Greenpeace like with other important stakeholders and are committed to ongoing constructive engagement.

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Marcelle Peuckert,
Communications Director

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