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Tuesday, 02 October 2012
FSC invites you to plant your virtual tree with

Draw your tree (© © FSC Belgium)© © FSC Belgium

FSC has launched an international web-based awareness campaign, thanks to the kind support of Global FSC partner AkzoNobel. invites consumers across the world to draw their own tree (using their computer mouse pad), which is then planted in a virtual FSC forest.

The website’s powerful message is that, like a forest is made out of thousands of individual trees, individual consumers can, by their own actions, be part of something much larger. One person buying forest products with the FSC label may not seem to have a big impact, but when millions of consumers take action together it has a profound impact.

Visitors to the website can also learn more about the FSC system and discover what FSC means dozens of ‘real life’ examples.

Check the website at!

Forest and river (© Images © Precious Woods Europe BV)© Images © Precious Woods Europe BVWorker in the forest (© Images © COATLAHL and COPADE)© Images © COATLAHL and COPADEIn the snow... (© Images © Södra Skog - Peter Robemtz)© Images © Södra Skog - Peter RobemtzSnowy and sunny (© Images © Westwind Forest - Steve Munro, © FSC Belgium)© Images © Westwind Forest - Steve Munro, © FSC Belgium

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