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Wednesday, 21 March 2012
FSC comments and proposals for EU Directives on Public Procurement

On the 20th of December, 2011 the European Commission published proposals for three Directives on Public Procurement. They are to become the core of the EU legal framework, setting out both opportunities and limits for procurement policies for all public authorities in the EU, except for small tenders.

An important departure from existing legislation is that the drafts do not only focus on EU-wide open and transparent procedures to ensure the functioning of the internal market and best value for public money.

They have a second objective: to promote “Europe 2020”, the overarching agenda for the EU to promote “smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth”.

This means that public authorities are allowed, within limits, to use their money to promote environmental and social innovation and sustainability.

In the coming months, the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers will formulate their position on these proposals. 

FSC has suggested a number of amendments to the proposals to ensure that they achieve the greatest positive impact.

Link - FSC’s Position on EU Draft Directives on Public Procurement (PDF)

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