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Monday, 27 February 2012
FSC working with its Key Clients in Russia

FSC Russia offers its key clients many services including TSP programs, a brokering service and ‘marketplace’ to find relevant suppliers, training in the use of the FSC trademark and Chain of Custody certification, a monthly newsletter and participation in the FSC’s marketing campaigns.

The key client program started with the first FSC marketing campaign launched in 2009, in cooperation with WWF Russia, the Russian Green building council and international companies including IKEA, Tetra Pak, Kimberly Clark, Castorama (Kingfisher group), and Investlesprom, amongst others.

The campaign consisted mainly of a series of thematic roundtables to target audiences in Moscow, and it successfully raised the level of recognition of the FSC logo from almost zero to 6.8%.

Interested clients see great scope for the ‘green’ consumer potential in Russia and some other CIS countries such as Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and especially in the big cities.

IKEA is actively working to increase the percentage of FSC goods in their Russian outlets. Castorama is following this development, and Kimberly Clark and SCA are in the process of certifying their production in Russia to deliver FSC certified hygienic products to their customers.

FSC Russia is also supporting TSP (trade mark service provision programs) to some interested clients.

Global giants like Unilever, Pepsi Cola and McDonalds are also starting programs in Russia which aim to increase the percentage of FSC certified products in their business.

As several high profile FSC labelled products will enter the Russian market in 2012, such as FSC labelled Tetra Pak packaging of Pepsi Cola owned juices and milk products under the brand Wimm Bill Dann as well as hygienic products, FSC key clients are eager to cooperate with FSC and WWF Russia to increase the level of recognition and understanding of the FSC logo.

The green economy is making its first steps in Russia and neighbouring countries, and FSC is an important part of it.

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