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Monday, 03 June 2013
Public consultation on Advice Notes launched

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FSC invites public comment on draft Advices Notes to strengthen the current requirements for Controlled Wood and legality.

In response to the FSC Board of Directors decision to extend the deadline for phasing-out company risk assessments until 31 December 2014, some amendments to the existing Controlled Wood company standard and related standards are needed to ensure a more consistent and rigorous implementation of current requirements. As the current Controlled Wood standards will remain valid for a longer period than initially anticipated the draft advice notes are planned to be implemented to address some of the most urgent stakeholder concerns about Controlled Wood standards.

The 4 Advice Notes related to Controlled Wood (CW) are based on the recommendations from the Controlled Wood Technical Committee (CWTC), the Working Group guiding the revision process.

In addition to the 4 Controlled Wood Advice Notes, there is 1 Advice Note that relates to FSC’s compliance with timber legality legislation such as the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), the US Lacey Act, or the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act.

The public consultation is open for stakeholder comments until 23 July 2013.

Please provide your comments by using the comment form available below and send your comments to Joanna Nowakowska at j.nowakowska at fsc point org.

Further background information on the Advice Notes under consultation:

ADVICE-20-001-XX CW auditor qualifications
Why is this advice needed?
The current CB accreditation standard (FSC-STD-20-001) does not clearly provide the qualification requirements for auditors evaluating controlled wood at the forest level.

What is this advice proposing?
This Advice Note expands on the list of requirements of expected auditor’s expertise and competence in order to improve the auditing quality.

ADVICE-40-004-XX verification of controlled input materials
Why is this advice needed?
The current COC standard does not provide clear requirements on how to control materials which due to a break in the chain of custody lost their previous status as certified material and would otherwise be lost to the FSC supply chain.

What is this advice proposing?
The Advice Note provides a simplified but credible approach to allow previously certified material as controlled input into the supply chain where the chain is formally broken. This measure should help minimizing the leakage of FSC material from the system.

ADVICE-40-005-07 CW public summaries
Why is this advice needed?
The existing requirements for public summaries of risk assessments and stakeholder consultations did not lead to transparent and consistent reports that meet the expected quality of our stakeholders.

What is this advice proposing?
This Advice Note specifies new requirements for public summaries concerning stakeholder consultation, e.g. including information on who was consulted, on consultation feedback received and how comments were taken into account.

ADVICE-40-005-XX CW Stakeholder consultation
Why is this advice needed?
Like with public summaries (see above) the existing requirements for consultation processes in the context of field audits conducted by certificate holders as part of the CW evaluation did not result in consistent processes that meet the expected quality of our stakeholders.

What is this advice proposing?
This Advice Note provides formal clarification for which Controlled Wood categories stakeholder consultation is required and how stakeholder consultation processes shall be conducted.

ADVICE-40-004-XX pre-consumer reclaimed wood compliance with timber legality
Why is this advice needed?
FSC identified the need of introducing requirements for the control of pre-consumer reclaimed wood in order to ensure FSC’s products conformance with EUTR definition of waste materials.

What is this advice proposing?
This Advice note requires that pre-consumer reclaimed wood shall comply with FSC Controlled Wood requirements. Due to existing safeguards, this advice only applies to certificate holders located in countries without applicable timber legality legislation.

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