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Thursday, 22 August 2013
Second public consultation launched on FSC accreditation standard for Chain of Custody evaluations

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FSC invites public comment on the second revised draft FSC accreditation standard for Chain of Custody (COC) evaluations (FSC-STD-20-011).

The accreditation standard for Chain of Custody evaluations contains essential requirements for FSC accredited certification bodies on how to audit enterprises holding a FSC Chain of Custody certificate.
The first revised draft standard was publicly consulted between April and June 2012 and incorporated changes in the requirements for evaluations of COC group and multi-site certificates, high risk outsourcing and Controlled Wood.

Why is the standard being revised?

FSC is currently merging and revising the group and multi-site Chain of Custody certification standards, creating a joint standard for Chain of Custody certification of multiple sites. As the changes in the certification requirements need to be reflected in the accreditation standard for Chain of Custody evaluations, FSC started to revise the standard in 2012.

The second revised draft standard also contains proposed amendments to the specific requirements for Controlled Wood, to strengthen the existing Controlled Wood system while the standards revision process is ongoing.

Two Working Groups guided the creation of the second revised draft standard, the technical Group and Multi-site Working Group and the chamber-balanced Controlled Wood Working Group.

Main changes in second revised draft FSC-STD-20-001

• Revised terms and definitions (common terminology for group and multi-site certification, alignment
   with P&C)
• Classification of low risk and high risk outsourcing
• Reorganization of requirements within the standard
• Elimination of redundancies within standard and with the general accreditation standard (FSC-STD-
• Elimination of minor components
• Revised reporting requirements

Group/ Multi-site
• Growth rate of certification
• Sampling based on risk factors (risk matrix)
• Selection of participating sites for evaluation based on risk indicators

Controlled Wood
• Strengthening the evaluation of the organizations’ risk assessment and verification program for
  sources with unspecified risk.
• Allows companies to hire their certification bodies to conduct supplier audits and stakeholder
   consultation, which could have a positive impact on the quality of the supplier audits.

Your Participation

While we are seeking feedback from all FSC members and stakeholders we particularly encourage FSC’s accredited certification bodies to submit their comments, as requirements are designed to be implemented by them.

Please provide your comments using the attached comment form and send them to Lucia Massaroth at l.massaroth at fsc point org

The deadline for comments is 22 October 2013.

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