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Monday, 30 September 2013
Smallholders Update for Q3

Training session in the Solomon Islands (© Richard Laity)© Richard Laity

The Smallholders Update for the third quarter of 2013 is now published and you can download it here.

This quarter’s Smallholders Update presents different articles highlighting some of the FSC projects and programs that aim to support smallholders. Richard Laity tells us about a training session in the Solomon Islands, as part of the FSC Train the Trainers Asia, where the objective was to implement a robust training program that brings the knowledge and information to support the certification and business development of smallholders.

Coatlahl, a cooperative in Honduras, tell their story about some of the challenges and benefits of being FSC certified. Coatlahl obtained one of the first ever FSC community forestry certifications in 1996, and as a pioneer in forest certification, they have great experience to share.

We also present an update on the Smallholder Fund, which by now has finished the first round of applications and is in the process of the final selection for funding. Furthermore, we have an update about the Modular Approach Program (MAP), which at the moment has a public consultation period where expert opinions are welcome.

Learn more about the Smallholder Support Program here and find previous Updates here.

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