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Monday, 02 April 2012
FSC Workshop: Placing pre-consumer reclaimed materials in FSC labelled paper products - is a revised approach necessary?

FSC Policy and Standards unit invites interested parties to attend a workshop on the 3rd of May 2012 to discuss the FSC’s approach on the use of pre-consumer reclaimed materials in FSC certified products.

Whilst pre-consumer recovered material can be used in FSC labelled products, it is not recognised as FSC input and therefore cannot count as certified material towards meeting FSCs labelling threshold requirements. In this workshop FSC will collect stakeholder input on the economic, environmental and social value of pre-consumer recycled material and discuss whether FSC should change or maintain its current distinction between pre-and post consumer recycled content for FSC labelled mixed or recycled paper products.  This workshop will provide important input to a study currently being undertaken by FSC IC based on Motion 38 of the 2011 FSC General Assembly. 

The workshop will be held at FSC Global Paper Forum during the tradefair Drupa in Düsseldorf, Germany. The FSC Global Paper Forum is an international meeting where FSC-certificate holders, purchasers of FSC-certified paper products, pulp producers and representatives of related sectors as well as NGOs get together to create a stronger market and new opportunities for FSC-labelled paper.

In this event, FSC Germany and FSC International will offer more than 20 sessions (panel discussions, key notes, workshops), in which the latest updates and developments of the FSC market and FSC International Policies related to the paper sector will be presented and discussed.

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