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Tuesday, 22 May 2012
FSC invites stakeholder comments on draft Advice on splitting FMUs

FSC invites stakeholder comments on the draft Advice on splitting FMUs for the certification of Forest Management Units (FMUs) with areas converted from natural forest to plantations after 1994.

This Advice was requested by the FSC Board of Directors and is based on stakeholder requests to provide a potential solution for the following scenario:


In many parts of the world, Organizations are constrained from entering their FMU(s) into FSC certification because of Criterion 10.9 of FSC-STD-01-001 V4-0, which forbids the FSC certification of “plantations established in areas converted from natural forests after November 1994”.

There are situations where a single FMU contains both natural forests and plantations in several separate blocks, divisions or subdivisions of the FMU, including areas converted from natural forests before and after 1994. Some Organizations in this situation, wishing to obtain FSC Forest Management certification for the eligible areas, have stopped all conversion of natural forests, and are managing all areas according to a similar set of FSC-compatible guidelines.


In these situations where the 1994 rule makes it impossible for the Organization to comply fully with the FSC Principles and Criteria in the plantation areas, the Advice proposes the option to split the existing FMU into two or more separate new FMUs, each one eligible for either FSC Forest Management certification or FSC Controlled Wood certification.

The draft Advice can be accessed here. Comments shall be sent to Hans Joachim Droste – Policy and Standards Director ( ) by using the comment form provided by FSC. The deadline for submitting comments is 10 June 2012.

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