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Thursday, 21 November 2013
Youth-led NGO TECHO commits to using FSC certified wood for social housing projects in Latin America


TECHO, a youth-led non-for-profit organization in Latin America and the Caribbean, has committed to using FSC certified timber in all its construction projects in Latin America by 2015. The NGO aims to overcome poverty in slums through the joint work of families living in poverty and young volunteers. One of their core activities is to build transitional houses for and with families living in squatter settlements. TECHO has built over 95,000 prefabricated transitional houses made of wood since 1997.

TECHO commits to sustainability in all the work it does. Choosing FSC certified wood for their social housing construction projects is a major step towards bringing this commitment into everyday practice. Manuel Costa, Executive Director of Constructions at TECHO, says: “TECHO aims to achieve the highest standards of quality, design and construction for our transitional houses, in order to improve every step that contributes to the families’ welfare The commitment to using FSC certified wood is an important step for us.”

Now, TECHO is working to obtain FSC Chain of Custody certification for its processing plants in Argentina and Colombia where the prefabricated housing modules are being produced. The NGO will also certify their housing construction projects, making use of the FSC project certification option available for the different types of construction projects that use FSC certified timber.

In addition, TECHO has announced that it will join FSC at both national and international level, becoming a member of the social chamber of FSC International. “We are very pleased with TECHO’s decision to become an FSC member,” says Pina Gervassi, Regional Director of FSC’s Latin America Office. “As a membership organization, FSC builds on the input and support from different stakeholders all over the world in order to increase its impact on forests and communities.”

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