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Friday, 20 December 2013
FSC launches a new version of its Public Certificate Search


The updated version of the Public Certificate Search is now available on the website of FSC International.

The new version has many advantages for users:

• The special characters (French accents, for instance) do not need to be typed anymore in the search field for company names: a search for “Generation” will return results such as “IDB Nouvelle Génération” from now on.

• You have the option to search for all words. Previously if you looked for “IDB Communication”, the old system would have returned all entries with “IDB” and also all entries with “Communication”. Now only “IDB Communication” will be found.

• It will be possible to search for parts of a company name, with the help of the asterisk * used as a wildcard. For example, if you search for “Holz*", the search will return results such as “Holzhandel”.

• The search will now also return suspended and terminated certificates.

FSC gives special thanks to Mr. Maik Siebert, in-house programmer, who did a tremendous job in the implementation of the new platform.

You can also access the FSC Public Certificate Search directly

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