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Friday, 20 December 2013
Changes to the Revised Annual Accreditation Fee (AAF) Policy

A number of changes have been made to the revised AAF Policy (FSC-POL-20-005 V2).

These changes are included in FSC-POL-20-005 V2-1 that has been approved by the FSC Board of Directors on 13 December 2013. The effective date remains 01 January 2014. In detail, these changes are as follows:

  • Clause 2.4: correction: the 10 USD apply per certificate, not per group member
  • Clause 3.3.2: clarification: how to calculate the AAF for groups of traders
  • Clause 3.3.3: clarification: how to calculate the AAF for mixed groups of traders and processing enterprises
  • Clause 3.4.1: for project certification the same fee applies as for Single Traders
  • Clause 4.9: clarification on refunding for withdrawn/ terminated certificates

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