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Monday, 06 January 2014
Smallholders Update for Q4

Smallholders in Lombok Island (© Alison von Ketteler)© Alison von Ketteler

The Smallholders Update for the fourth quarter of 2013 is now published and you can download it here.

The last quarter of 2013 brought some interesting aspects of projects and activities on FSC engagement related to Smallholders and Communities that you can read about in the Smallholders Update Q4.

The ForCES (Forest Certification for Ecosystem Services) project is presented by Alison von Ketteler, Global Project Manager of ForCES and FSC consultant, introducing the project and how smallholders are taking part in the pilot project. A field test is under progress in several pilot sites and different countries.

The Forest Communities on Haida Gwaii are presented by Bob Brash, the President of Taan Forest; he is talking about their way to FSC certification and how they expect this to benefit the forest communities on Haida Gwaii in the future.

The update also brings several FSC project updates. The FSC Smallholder Network Advisory Group (SHNAG), consisting of FSC representatives from all regions and FSC International, will continue its work also in 2014. The FSC Train the Trainers Program continues in Asia and expands to Latin America, while the Smallholder Fund has identified the rewarded projects. Read more about all these projects in the Smallholders Update Q4.

Learn more about the Smallholder Support Program here and find previous Updates here.

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