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Monday, 11 June 2012
Controlled Wood Risk Assessment Underway in Poland

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At the end of 2010 there were around 9 million hectares of forests in Poland: this is equivalent to 29.2% of the country’s total land area (based on the report 'The State Forests in Figures, 2011). Over 7 million hectares of this have already been certified.

There is a high demand for certified timber in Poland and contractors are facing shortages of FSC certified timber.

As a result, controlled wood assessments are being prepared for non-certified providers in order to boost supply.

In order to streamline the assessment process, FSC Poland has begun a National Risk Assessment Development for Poland: 'FSC-PRO-60-002-V2-0 FSC Controlled Wood Risk Assessment (CW RA) by Accredited National Initiatives, National and Regional Offices'. The aim of the proposal is to collect all the information necessary to assess the risks of harvesting uncertified wood around Poland.

We encourage any stakeholder who is interested in participating in the process to contact us via our website at

You can also learn more about FSC Controlled Wood by clicking here.

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