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Friday, 08 February 2013
Encouraging growth in FSC certification of Russian printers

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Tatiana Yanitskaya,deputy director of FSC Russia, has declared that ten Russian printers have now received FSC certification. This represents encouraging growth since 2010, when only a single one of the country’s 7 000 printers was certified.

In an interview with Russian news agency RIA Novosti, Mrs Yanitskaya noted that these figures are still quite low compared to other countries.
She says: “In Germany and the Netherlands, there are around 650 FSC certified printing houses, and around 1 000 in the USA. In these countries, about half of all books are printed on certified paper, and most of these carry the FSC logo”.

In Russia, the most popular FSC certified printed items are business cards, followed by the annual reports of large companies and publications produced by environmental organizations.

FSC Russia hopes to build on this progress by doubling number of certified printers by the end of 2013.
Mrs Yanitskaya concludes that: “For many printers in Russia, FSC certification is becoming a requirement for retaining their customers. Most of the Western companies they work with ask for their documents to be printed on certified paper.”

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