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Friday, 12 April 2013
FSC France produces short films on preservation of French forests

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FSC France has produced three short films aimed at raising awareness of the advantages of FSC certification. Several forest managers and owners, as well as some industrial operators from the forestry sector, agreed to share their experiences of FSC certification and the benefits they have gained from it.

The three films – lasting about 14 minutes in total – have been jointly produced by FSC France and the production company E-graine d’images. Each covers a different theme. The first looks at experiences of FSC certification, the second examines the cost of timber and access to markets for FSC certified products, and the third discusses the multi-functional management of certified forests.

This is the first time that FSC France has been involved in making films. It hopes that they will be a useful tool for informing forest owners and managers about FSC certification, but they can also be used by group managers to educate new members, and by companies to raise awareness of certified products among their suppliers.

Please do not hesitate to broadcast these films as widely as possible! You can watch them directly on the FSC France website here (French version only). For more information, contact Maya Bentz (FSC France Communications Officer) at maya.bentz at fsc-france point fr.

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