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Friday, 16 August 2013
FSC responds to ISO forest standard initiators

The national standardisation bodies of Brazil and Germany, who initiated a proposal for the development of an ISO standard related to forest products, responded, on the 2nd of August, to the joint FSC/PEFC critique on that proposal.

As FSC felt these bodies misrepresented earlier contacts about this proposal, and reinforced concerns FSC already had, FSC’s Managing Director Kim Carstensen reacted in a letter to the two organisations. This letter has been distributed to ISO members on the 13th August.

The key concerns of the letter can be summarized as:

  • Lack of appropriate consultation beforehand;
  • Presentation of figures about cost-savings for companies without any evidence;
  • A clear attempt to replace the FSC (and PEFC) CoC standards with one formulated and implemented by ISO, and the negative impacts that will have on the mission and impact of FSC as a balanced multi-stakeholder driven organisation promoting sustainable forest management.

FSC calls upon its members and stakeholders, the members of ISO and anyone interested in sustainable forest management to send clear signals to ISO that forest management certification and chain-of-custody requirements should not be separated.

Background Documents:
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