Smallholder Updates 2011

August/September 2011

- Overview of group CoC certification for smallholders
- Introducing the Modular Approach Program (MAP)
- Smallholder Spotlight: Sustainable Northwest's group CoC program
- Smallholder Voices: ANSAB writes about Group certification for NTFPs in Nepal

June/July GA Edition 2011

- GA side event on smallholders
- Motions related to smallholders at the 2011 GA
- Smallholder Spotlight: Interview with Orrin Quinn on the conservation economy
- Smallholder Voices: Interview with Ben Vickers on access to FSC certification in Asia

May 2011

- Project Update from FSC and Fairtrade
- Plantations Workshop in Brazil
- WWF and FSC partnership
- Smallholder Spotlight: Group certification in Switzerland
- Smallholder Voices: RECOFTC tells us how forest certification benefit local people

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