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Monday, 27 February 2012
EU finalized criteria for EU Ecolabel on newsprint paper

In February 2012, after 10 years, the representatives of the EU Member States in the EU Ecolabel Board finally adopted criteria for an EU Ecolabel on newsprint paper. Criteria include production-related emissions into water and air or the use of energy and chemicals, as well as the requirement of the newsprint paper to be composed of minimum 70% recycled material and the remaining virgin fibre to be entirely covered by “valid sustainable forest management and chain of custody certificates issued by an independent third party certification scheme such as FSC, PEFC or equivalent.” Such schemes are allowed to include up to 50% non-certified, but controlled, materials.

In theory the criteria can still be rejected in the next 4 months by the European Parliament or the Council of EU Ministers, but the overwhelming majority in the vote of the EU Ecolabel Board indicates that this is quite unlikely.

Formal adoption is therefore likely to be in June or earlier.

The decision is valid for 3 years only, because in the coming years the EU is going to review all its Ecolabel criteria.

For further information, contact: John Hontelez, Chief Advocacy Officer FSC, j.hontelez at fsc point org

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