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Friday, 30 March 2012
Motion 51 on strengthening the Controlled Wood system is progressing well

Now three months into a year-long process to revise the Controlled Wood (CW) system, we are pleased to provide you with an update on our progress.

Our action plan includes two ambitious goals aimed at ensuring the highest level of integrity to this core part of the FSC system: 1) FSC-approved National Risk Assessments completed across the world, and a phase-out of company-developed risk assessments; and 2) the Controlled Wood Standard, FSC-STD-40-005, revised, with specific focus on improvements to the Annex 3 process.  

1.  Status of Controlled Wood National Risk Assessments

By the end of 2012, FSC aims to phase-out company-developed Risk Assessments (i.e, the Annex 2 process of the Controlled Wood standard).

After this phase-out, FSC-developed National Risk Assessments will be used by companies seeking Controlled Wood certification.

The exact phase-out period for existing certificate holders is still being determined.  All districts (and for any CW category) that are not designated as 'low risk' by the FSC approved National Risk Assessment will be considered 'unspecified risk', and companies will need to undergo the Annex 3 process of the Controlled Wood standard in order to source Controlled Wood.

Many countries are currently in the process of developing National Risk Assessments and expect to have them completed and approved by the end of 2012. 

For status updates on National Risk Assessments being developed, click here
2.  Revision of the Controlled Wood Standard, FSC-STD-40-005

A chamber-balanced Controlled Wood Technical Committee has been established to lead the process of revising the Controlled Wood standard. 

The first of three Committee meetings was held on 30 Jan 2012, where key issues were identified and a workplan was developed. 

We are on target for having a revised standard approved by the FSC Board in March 2013.

Note that this is an extension of the 31 December 2012 deadline (per General Assembly Motion 51), yet the Committee strongly believes that an effective and robust process justifies this extension. 

The next Committee meeting is scheduled for mid May.

For a summary of the key points, action items, and workplan developed during the first Technical Committee meeting, click here

Thanks to everyone for all your support with this process.  

Please contact Karen Steer ( with any questions or comments.

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