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Monday, 10 September 2012
FSC contributes to possible pan-European sustainable forestry convention

In 2011, Ministers of Europe (including former Soviet-Union countries) decided to work on a “Legally Binding Agreement on Forests In Europe”.

Negotiations on the Agreement kicked off on 3rd September at a week long meeting in Bonn.
FSC, as observer, presented proposals to

  • highlight “the achievements of multi-stakeholder based forest certification schemes in improving governance and environmental and social performance in the forest sector, as well as creating corporate and public support for the promotion of sustainable forest management.”
  • To include public procurement as a governmental tool for promoting sustainable forest management.

FSC is pleased to see that these proposals are being discussed seriously and will work with the negotiators at the 2 remaining sessions to see how they can become part of the final text.

John Hontelez, j.hontelez at fsc point org
Marion Karmann, m.karmann at fsc point org

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