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Thursday, 04 October 2012
FSC® becomes Key Indicator Partner under the UN Convention on Biological Diversity

Graph INDICATOR "Area of Forest under Sustainable Management: Certification" (Small version)

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) has become Key Indicator Partner of the Biodiversity Indicators Partnership (BIP) for the biodiversity indicator 'area of certified forest under sustainable management'.

FSC has been selected by the World Conservation Monitoring Centre of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) because it has the widest geographic scope, the longest history, the broadest support from civil society and the strongest contribution to biodiversity conservation amongst forest certification schemes.

“FSC is strongly committed to the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Aichi targets and we are delighted to become a Key Indicator Partner of the BIP. Partner status, and the leadership role which it confers with regards to the definition of forest certification indicators, confirms FSC’s position as the leading certification system for responsible forest management worldwide and we look forward to continued engagement within the Convention”, said Kim Carstensen, FSC Director General.

The BIP is a global initiative established in 2007 under the Convention on Biological Diversity. It brings together international organizations working on indicator development, to provide the best available information on biodiversity trends to the global community. The Partnership today is made up of over 40 organizations worldwide to develop, strengthen and implement a set of indicators agreed by Parties to the CBD. It further supports other Multilateral Environmental Agreements, national and regional governments and other sectors.

In order to adequately cover the extensive range of biodiversity related subjects brought together by the Aichi Biodiversity Targets ratified at the 2010 CBD conference in Nagoya, the BIP has been looking to enlarge and enhance itself by welcoming new indicator partners working at the forefront of biodiversity indicator development and data generation. With this in mind the BIP Secretariat has invited FSC on behalf of the Partnership to take ownership of the forest certification indicator.

The indicator, officially titled “Area of Forest under Sustainable Management: Certification“, measures the area of FSC certified, responsibly managed forests, including natural or semi-natural forests that are used to produce timber and non-timber forest products, and forest plantations. An increase in the area of FSC certified forest represents an increase in the area of forest managed responsibly with respect to biodiversity conservation, such as establishment of set-aside areas, protection of rare, threatened and endangered species and their habitats, identification and preservation of High Conservation Values, as well as exclusion of forest conversion to plantations or non-forest land uses.

The forest certification indicator will be regularly updated using data from the FSC “Facts & Figures” info page It measure progress towards Aichi Biodiversity Target 7: “By 2020 areas under agriculture, aquaculture and forestry are managed sustainably, ensuring conservation of biodiversity” and can be accessed online at

Graph INDICATOR "Area of Forest under Sustainable Management: Certification" (full size)

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