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Wednesday, 20 February 2013
FSC International Generic Indicators First Draft Consultation


Principles 1–5, 8 and 9

We are pleased to announce that the FSC International Generic Indicators (IGI) Working Group have concluded their work on the First Draft for Consultation of Principles 1–5, 8 and 9. This will form the first package available for public consultation on the IGIs. The consultation draft will be posted on the IGI Website on Monday 18 February 2013.

A second package, covering Principles 6, 7 and 10, will be available by 1 March 2013. The consultation period will officially end 60 days after the second package has been posted. We aim to publish the Spanish version by 1 March as well. The same consultation period will apply to the Spanish version after it has been published in full.
This is your opportunity to contribute to the development of the IGIs, which will form the baseline for FSC National Standards, and replace the Certification Body Standards where they still exist.

Details about the consultation, including Regional and National Processes, will also be posted on the IGI website. Stakeholders are encouraged to use these consultations to give their feedback on the draft IGIs.
We very much look forward to your feedback and would like to thank and congratulate the IGI Working Group for the extensive amount of time and effort they have put in to preparing the IGIs for consultation to date.

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