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Wednesday, 30 October 2013
Global stakeholder announcement on the Online Claims Platform

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FSC launches a public consultation on the FSC Advice note for the Online Claims Platform (OCP) and provides an OCP update

Public consultation 

FSC invites public comment on the FSC Advice note for the Online Claims Platform. The Advice note has been drafted to facilitate implementation of the Online Claims Platform. All stakeholders are invited to participate in the consultation process. 

Please provide your comments using the comment form and send them to Emily Crumley at e.crumley at fsc point org 
The deadline for comments is 29 December 2013.

OCP update

After important feedback from Certificate Holders, Certification Bodies and National Offices, the Online Claims Platform (OCP) implementation timeline is now available.

Accurate claims are the basis of the entire FSC® system. By implementing the OCP, FSC® is ensuring the integrity of FSC and reducing risk associated with inaccurate product claims.

FSC is working with Historic Futures to develop a cloud-based internet platform to record all FSC claims. When completed, the OCP will work alongside the existing FSC Chain of Custody system. The OCP will allow FSC Certificate Holders (CHs) to make claims through a variety of methods via an internet platform thus ensuring the integrity of FSC is maintained in a scalable way.

To ease implementation and allow Certificate Holders adequate time to test the full functionality of the OCP, a limited number of steps will be required in 2014. These steps focus on providing the most benefits with the least amount of effort.

Beginning in April 2014, all Certificate Holders will be required to register for the OCP, verify that their public certificate information (based on is correct, and connect with their suppliers. If the public certificate data is incorrect, the relevant Certification Body will be informed of the changes required through the OCP. The OCP will be used as a tool to revise incorrect data in

Registering and connecting will be similar to, and as simple as, starting a Facebook or LinkedIn account and sending a “new connection” request. The process will improve the data provided at as well as notify Certificate Holders whenever a supplier’s certificate changes.

All Certificate Holders will have the opportunity starting mid November 2013 to test the OCP in a test “sandbox” environment. Purchase claims can be entered but these records will not be permanent.

After the OCP has been thoroughly tested, FSC will set a specific date to require CHs to begin entering claims (purchases) in 2015. A decision will be taken at the March 2014 FSC Board of Directors meeting.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on the OCP. Find out more and get involved by visiting the Claims Forum or emailing the OCP helpline by clicking here.

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