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Wednesday, 13 June 2012
Advice Note on Labeling Products from Small and Community Producers Approved

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FSC announces approval of the Advice Note: Labeling Products from Small and Community Producers (FSC-ADV-50-003 V1-0). It is available in English and Spanish. The Advice Note indicates who is eligible to use the new FSC labeling option to differentiate products from small and community producers (including new definitions), as well as chain of custody requirements for these products. The Advice Note was submitted to public comment twice in 2011 and replaces the draft policy (Policy for Labeling Community and SLIMF Products) that was developed and distributed for comment in 2010.

Currently, the market for FSC certified products does not differentiate between products from industrial operations and products from small or community producers.  The goal is that consumers who value the opportunity to support small and community producers will choose products made of raw material from these producers and/or pay more for them.  This could provide new and/or improved marketing opportunities to small or community producers, as well as large companies who purchase forest products from these producers. The development of the Advice Note is driven by Policy motion 19, which was passed at the 2008 FSC General Assembly.

The new labeling option is available for products from small and community producers all over the globe.  The first products to use the new labeling option are those from the FSC and Fairtrade Dual Certification pilot project (see for more information on the pilot project).

Download the Advice Note and supporting documents in English and Spanish.

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