Chain of Custody Program

Chain of Custody (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.The FSC Chain of Custody Program is responsible for developing, reviewing and revising the main FSC Chain of Custody Certification Standard (FSC-STD-40-004) and all related standards, policies and procedures.  

Types of Chain of Custody Certification

The Chain of Custody Program sets standards for three types of Chain of Custody Certifications that companies can choose from depending on their scale and type of operation:

  • Individual Chain of Custody Certification
  • Multiple Site Chain of Custody Certification
  • Project Certification

The Chain of Custody Program also provides additional standards that may be combined with the Chain of Custody Certificate according to the scope of the organization seeking certification, including:

Controlled wood standards

Controlled WoodThe FSC Controlled Wood Standard is for companies that source non-certified material to be included in the production of FSC Mix products. The non-certified material is controlled to avoid mixing of wood from unacceptable sources with FSC certified material in FSC Mix products. Find out more...

Reclaimed material

Reclaimed MaterialReclaimed forest-based materials can be used as components in FSC certified products and projects. The Chain of Custody Program sets the requirements for purchasing, verification and classification of these materials. Find out more...

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