Chain of Custody Certification Types

Types of CoC Certificates (© FSC A.C./ J.C. Reyes)© FSC A.C./ J.C. Reyes

Individual Chain of Custody Certification

The main standard within the Chain of Custody Program is the Chain of Custody Certification standard for individual companies that manufacture and trade FSC certified forest products (FSC-STD-40-004).

Project Certification

Individual objects or buildings of any size or scale that are built or renovated on a one-off basis can achieve FSC certification. The Chain of Custody Program sets the requirements for their use of FSC certified wood and post-consumer reclaimed wood material and products (FSC-STD-40-006).

Multiple Site Chain of Custody Certification

Small enterprises may form or join a group of operations and apply for Group Chain of Custody Certification. FSC has specifically designed Group Chain of Custody Certification  to make certification more accessible to small companies (FSC-STD-40-003).

Larger companies operating at multiple locations can, if they comply with certain requirements, choose to apply for Multi-site Chain of Custody Certification (FSC-STD-40-003). This makes use of elements of scale and thus is more economical than seeking a separate certificate for each site.

Both, Group and Multi-site Chain of Custody Certification require common, centrally administered and monitored control and reporting systems. These allow Certification Bodies to evaluate participating operations or sites based on samples.


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