Developing a strategy for Controlled Wood

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The controlled wood strategy survey is now closed! Your answers are now being anonymized and analysed in combination with other respondents’ contributions. The results of the survey will influence the draft of the controlled wood strategy, to be presented to the FSC Board of Directors in October 2017.

Since the concept of Controlled Wood was first introduced in 1997, in the ‘Policy for percentage based claims’, it has been a major component of FSC’s undisputed growth. However, in all this time, FSC has not created a formal Controlled Wood strategy.

This lack of a concrete strategy has led to the Controlled Wood system becoming difficult to understand. Recognizing this problem, FSC performed an evaluation of the program in 2011 (FSC Evaluation of Controlled Wood (Discussion Draft), June 2011). Controlled Wood was also discussed during the FSC General Assembly in 2011, resulting in Membership Motion 51. This requested that the system be revised and strengthened, but did not formulate short-term strategic goals to guide the revision process.

At the beginning of the process a chamber-balanced Controlled Wood Technical Committee was appointed to provide strategic and technical input. But the absence of a fundamental vision and strategy for Controlled Wood made this difficult. The Technical Committee members, as well as other stakeholders, have differing opinions on the expected outcomes of the revised Controlled Wood system and the level of rigor it should apply.

The need to develop a Controlled Wood strategy was acknowledged by the FSC Board of Directors during the 64th Board Meeting in November 2013. We welcome stakeholders’ views, feedback and contributions to the development of the strategy and we will provide numerous opportunities for this.

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