FSC Pestmanagement Objectives

Pesticides (© FSC A.C./ Milan Reška)© FSC A.C./ Milan ReškaThe Forest Program is responsible for developing and reviewing the Pesticide Policy and keeping it up-to-date with changing circumstances and technologies.

There are a number of components to the Forest Program’s activity on pesticides:

Highly hazardous pesticide list

A list of highly hazardous pesticides is regularly updated by FSC. This allows forest managers, certification bodies and other stakeholders to see which pesticides are prohibited in FSC certified forests. 

Pesticides used in forestry are assessed against indicators of thresholds to determine whether they should be placed on the highly hazardous pesticide list. 

Pesticide derogations

Sometimes FSC forest management certification holders may be permitted to use a highly hazardous pesticide that is normally prohibited, under certain agreed conditions for a specified period of time. Forest managers can apply for a ‘derogation’ for particular pesticides, where no alternative is feasible. 

The Forest Program seeks advice from the FSC Technical Advisers, who make a recommendation on each application for a derogation. Using this information the FSC Pesticide Committee decides whether to approve or reject the application, according to the FSC Procedure for Processing Pesticide Derogation Applications.

FSC Pesticide website
This website is a resource center and exchange platform for stakeholders and holders of pesticide derogations to share information on alternative practices and products to using highly hazardous pesticides.

Integrated pest management guide

The FSC guide to integrated pest, disease and weed management in FSC certified forests and plantations provides a framework to help forest managers develop their strategies for reducing, minimizing or eliminating the impact of pesticide use, as required by FSC Principle 6. It relies primarily on prevention and alternative control methods, rather than the use of chemical pesticides.

Pest management strategy database

This on-line resource brings together strategies, practices and products that can be used to remove, replace and reduce hazardous pesticides in forest management. Each new entry is reviewed by the FSC Pesticides Committee before it can be posted on the database.

The FSC Pesticides Policy has three main objectives:

  • the identification and avoidance of highly hazardous pesticides;
  • the promotion of alternative and non-chemical methods of pest management as an element of an integrated pest and vegetation management strategy;
  • the administration of pesticide derogations.
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