Internally Generated Data

Impacts within the FSC system

Internally generated data (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.A large amount of information is generated about FSC’s impacts within the FSC system through certification assessments of forests.

Each FSC certified forest management unit must have an annual assessment, resulting in a report that describes the actions the manager or owner has taken to gain, or maintain, their FSC certification. This information can be found on the FSC Certificate Holder database.

Where forest management does not meet the FSC requirements, corrective action requests are issues by the certification body and described in certification reports.

These corrective action requests are used by the Monitoring and Evaluation Program to identify changes or adaptations in forest management that have been made in order to meet FSC standards.

Indirectly, this gives us a picture of the impacts that FSC certification is having on forest management practices.

Twelve new indicators of impact have recently been identified for assessing the effects of certification on areas including ecosystem services, biodiversity, health and safety, and sites of social significance.

Certification bodies are encouraged to report on these 12 indicators, feeding into a data bank that will allow us to track our progress against out Global Strategy.

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