Monitoring & Evaluation Reports

FSC starts to implement a monitoring and evaluation program to increase the understanding of the complex impacts of the different FSC programs and to provide a systematic foundation for a transparent, impartial and consistent evaluation of the FSC’s effectiveness in delivering its mission.

The monitoring and evaluation system will be based on FSC’s Theory of Change and related Intended Impacts. The Monitoring & Evaluation System Report 2013 is the first of regular reports in line with the ISEAL Impact Code requirements, and gives an insight in the structure of this system.

The “FSC context, figures, effects and impacts Reports" 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 points out some of the contributions FSC delivered towards its mission to “promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests”. It gives examples of FSC’s effects and impacts, about ongoing research projects and other options to how FSC contributes to its mission.

FSC is developing a literature research database

In the meantime please also refer to the ISEAL Sustainability Impact Learning Platform, where you can find a number of independent researchers' studies.

Effects and Impacts of FSC Certification: Findings from FSC and from Independent Studies

Overview about FSC's impacts:

FSC history and development:

Market related data:

Examples for studies focusing on ecological impacts:

Examples for studies focusing on forest management and wildlife habitats:

Examples for studies focusing on social impacts:

A call for research: Assessing the Impact of Forest Management Certification

Related FSC programs

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“FSC Theory of Change” (ToC) with 4 documents:

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