Social Policy

Ensuring equitable access to the benefits of certification

Social Policy Program (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.The FSC Social Policy Program focuses our efforts on ensuring FSC’s credibility, equity of application, and ease of market access for all certified organizations.

We aim to ensure that these stakeholders can access and benefit from FSC certification; that indigenous peoples rights’ are respected; that forest workers’ rights are upheld; and that stakeholders are effectively consulted.

The Social Policy Program works with our network partners, government organizations and NGOs around the world to address social issues in forest certification in three major areas:

Small and Community Producers

Small and Community ProducersThe Social Policy Program contributes to FSC’s goal of improving access to certification for small, low-intensity, and community-based operations and increasing the market benefits of certification for these operations.

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous PeopleThe Social Policy Program provides guidance for our Network Partners and certification bodies on the development of national certification standards that take into account the interests of indigenous peoples and forest communities. Find out more...

Forest Workers’ Rights

Forest WorkersThe FSC Principles and Criteria require that workers' employment conditions comply with the ILO Conventions. The Social Policy Program promotes the long-term social and economic well-being of forest workers through dialogue, projects, research and events.

The FSC Principles and Criteria describe how FSC certified forests must be managed to meet the social, cultural and spiritual needs of people, as well as economic and ecological prerogatives.

Our unique three chamber structure also ensures that social issues are given equal prominence and weight as environmental and economic concerns.

Over the years, the Social Program has passed many milestones, building the foundations for equity, access and credibility that are at the heart of our Global Strategy. Find out more...

See our fact sheet on FSC certification and social issues for more information.

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